PRO-TEST: Young Mothers Speak Out 

This documentary was produced in 2003 before I had an interest in video or photo-based work. Using a ‘home’ camcorder with no knowledge surrounding film production I set out simply to record conversations with young mothers who were unmarried and who were willing to speak freely about social discrimination. These documented conversations are between eight young mothers recorded in 2003  and includes 4 over the age of 20 and 4 that are under the age of 18.

At the time the film was created it was rare and unseen to witness young women and girls speaking boldly about what they considered to be unjust circumstances, whether it be discrimination in the workplace, at home or in public. At the time I was 22 and the mother to a 6 month old. These women and girls expressed feelings and experiences  that I either identified with personally or could empathize with and were braver than I to share their personal stories. I am grateful to this day they were willing to speak out.

Anonymous girl Camille and Arel Camille and Zion Carla and Isabelle in the yard playtime spending time sweetly interrupted the end up close